Mobilegeddon is the Armageddon for the Businesses Online! Take These Measures

When we speak of competition it has to be tough. Domination in business is real extinct right now. You cannot actually have a phase in your business when it’s only YOU who is controlling the market and everyone’s is buying again – only YOU!

So in such a tough scenario comes the Mobilegeddon. The worst news for who are already drowning. The bad news for who haven’t renewed their website to a mobile-friendly mode. It’s a threat and it is definitely going to affect your business in a long run. Better late than never ever.

The question is:

Mobilegeddon is a condition of the websites of your businesses that is not running in a manner as it should be for the mobiles users. Pampering the customers and loving them is what Google ahs always done and still excels in it.

  • Thus Step One is loving your customers, think of their problems and time consumptions when they can’t access your website on their android or i-phones. It pisses them off and they piss you later. 😉
  • Mobilegeddon ensures that your websites online should be mobile friendly, if it is not yet. After 21st April only Mobile Friendly Websites will work and the rest others will not be anywhere near the first page on Google, which means n business from mobile users! Which means 81% of business lose!!???? NOOooohhh!!Thus Step Two, check on this link if your website is a mobile friendly one or not. If yes, then get a OH Yess!! For yourself.

    Mobile friendly websites

  • Mobilegeddon will not wait for anyone. Google has updated that the requirements to be on its page is following the rules of mobile user friendly tools and allowing the algorithm of this technique to create wonders for your websites in the future. Don’t take it for granted as it wont affect your desktop viewing ranking as we mentioned earlier 81% is not a lose that you want to incur, right?Mobilegeddon
    Thus Step Three would be to embrace it as it has already come to effect and the websites have started getting the back seat which are not in good terms with the mobiles.

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